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Balcony Construction

A brand new balcony's construction for a balcony that can combine useful and pleasure.

A large balcony where you can meet comfortably, with a strong and safe ramp, balcony and charming aesthetic, this is a building with our signature!

In addition to a balcony built with quality materials and based on solid expertise, from wooden balconies to cement balcony, our experts will meet your expectations.

For your dream balcony, whenever it’s a simple or a more daring one, we will build it suiting your requirements and the materials of your choice. Our team of professionals has the solution and experience to lead your projects to a successful conclusion balcony!

A ramp and balcony to ensure the safety of all

To build a balcony for your needs, we must also ensure that the ramp and balcony are solid and safe as well as comply with regulations

Each plan ramp and balcony is being extensively evaluated in order to not only meet your own expectation and requirements, but also to ensure the safety of all people who would walk on it, from your family members to your friends and pet.

All balconies are built with materials of choice

Whether you prefer a concrete, a glass or even a wooden balcony, we ensure that the project for an outside balcony meets your needs while being built to your vision

After all, we build the balconies are not only a utilitarian purpose, but they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home while making your lifestyle enhancement. A balcony constructed with materials of your choice will marry perfectly the décor of your home!

Trust 514-BALCONS balcony contractor for all your balcony installation projects!

At 514-Balcons, our priority is the client and we will return your call whether for small or large jobs. We have specialized teams in minor construction of balconies, as the great, all projects are good to do.

We also have teams specializing in construction of balconies, the consultation until the completion of the project.
All types of submissions will be assumed. This approach ensures that regardless of the type of work you have to trust us, we will live up to your expectations and within your budget no matter whether small or large works.


We hold a general contractor’s license RBQ : 8358-7998-01 

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